Below I aim to share some of my recent UI design work. You can also find me on Behance and Dribbble.

Project: New UI Trends

I wanted to experiment with elements such as large fonts and animations which are currently popping up in a lot of web-design. In the above prototype video I have included a series of micro-interactions to help engage the user.

Project: Creative Agency

A prototype for a creative agency website. The design integrates animations and interactions for additional engagement. Designed in Figma and prototyped in Principle.

Project: Animation Integration

Exploring miro-interactions and integration aniamations in webdesign. The prototype was created using Figma, After Effects and Principle.

Project: Pride in London Redesign

Stormbound Creative Landing Page.

I worked with the Pride in London design team to redesign a new look for their website and app. Consideration was given to brand and theme objectives, heirarchy and IA research. This article outlines the research and testing I conductedbehind the design.

Project: Banking App

Banking App.

I set myself a challenge to design the interface for a banking app. My aim was to create a simple but attractive UI. In addition to a main screen where the user can select an account, I also designed two screens where the user can see their detailed spend as well as track spend within certain categories and timeframes.

Project: Best Life

Credit card checkout.

The above design is for a service I've always wanted to create to combat the problem of lonliness among senior citizens. The website allows users to sign up, connect with people and receive support.

Project: Checkout Facility

Credit card checkout.

As part of a Daily UI challenge I created a credit card checkout popup for a film festival website. In order for it to be responsive I also created a mobile version I used Sketch and Photoshop for the website and popup.